The ever-changing business landscapes change the way we look at how and where they can, or should, operate.

Offshoring Benefits for the Bottom Line

Offshoring – the process of moving all or part of a business to another country – provides organizations an opportunity to take advantage of the global economy to create efficiency and reduce costs. Colby BPO utilizes offshoring knowledge and experience to help you find the right solutions for your business.

What are the Benefits of Offshoring?

Why should a company go with offshoring? The business professionals at Colby BPO know how to maximize your business potential through offshoring and the reasons why it might be the right solution for your organization.

  • Offshoring can help your organization lower manufacturing costs, particularly in emerging international markets.
  • Offshoring may be the right solution to accessing higher quality workforce.
  • Offshoring can help businesses access global supply trade options to increase their market and gain access to free trade options and organizational protections.

Depending on what your business needs, operating closer to your supplier may reduce shipping costs. If you create a physical presence in an emerging market it allows your organization early access to growing markets, providing an opportunity to be the forerunner of your product in that market and the potential to grow a loyal customer base in that region. Accessing lower manufacturing costs allows you to reduce expenses and remain competitive.

Where are the Best Offshore Locations?

The Global Service Location Index (GSLI) rated the most desirable locations for offshoring in 2017. They rated people skills and availability, business environment, and financial attractiveness. The first three countries have remained the same since the study began in 2014.

  • 1. India
  • 2. China
  • 3. Malaysia
  • 4. Indonesia
  • 5. Brazil
  • 6. Vietnam
  • 7. Philippines
  • 8. Thailand
  • 9. Chile
  • 10. Columbia

What do Companies Like Best About Offshoring?

Client testimonials indicate the benefits of offshoring, which includes innovation ideas from emerging markets. By utilizing local talent in growing markets to target the needs of that market, offshoring creates an opportunity to collaborate effective innovation strategies. India – listed number one on the GSLI list – is an alluring location for offshoring because of its flexibility to assimilate with its offshoring companies and work like an extension of that company. Some advantages include the relationship management and ability to align with organizational strategies. Other testimonials include the speed and efficiency offered though offshore options. The overall allure, of course, also considers the cost. Offshoring continues to be a cost saving advantage when utilized appropriately and strategically to leverage business efficiency and costs.

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